Tuesday, July 15, 2008

kid gloves remixes.

the uk producer responsible for 'a stroke of genius' freelance hellraiser has teamed up with anu pillai of freeform five fame to form a production duo under the moniker of kid gloves. after scouring the internet, that's about all the information i could find on this remix team. no myspace. no links. only remixes. seems they are trying to remain incognito while getting hooked up with some higher-profile remixes.

i'm going to start off with my favorite kid gloves remix to date because i don't want you to get scared off by three remixes and instead of picking one to download, you opt to keep scrolling down instead. this one. get this one. whoever thought cowbells and distortion could be so happily married in a remix?

santogold - lights out (kid gloves remix)

next one is a remix of ladyhawke. the guys took the melodic vocals and chopped them up to make the song a bit minimal and not so sweet-sounding.

ladyhawke - paris is burning (kid gloves remix)

and don't forget das pop.

das pop - underground (kid gloves remix)


pablo said...

the team up with anu pillai sounds interesting. in fact im really feeling this santogold remix! thanks! =D

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Anonymous said...

this just illuminates how wide the gap between cut copy and everyone else is ; c )

Anonymous said...

nice mixes - looking at my ladyhawke 7" it looks like they wrote & produced the original version of 'paris is burning' as well

aleks said...

hm. seriously?

OMG, It's Becky! said...

Santogold mix = DOPE!!! I haven't found a remix of her that I love yet, until now!!! Thank you!!!