Tuesday, July 15, 2008

malente re-edits.

after ranting so much about germany, on to one of the best djs and producers in our beloved country: malente. he joined the ranks of the berlin battery blog a while ago and ever since regularly posts re-edits he did mainly for his own sets. and while i usually run when i hear the word 'edit', his reworks always turn out to be about twice as good as the originals, perfectly spiced up for peaktime on the floors.

just today he posted his re-edit of 'the crow' by crookers and boy 8-bit which should keep all of us happy until turbo finally unleashes 'raven' by the proxy. party time:

crookers & boy 8-bit - the crow (malente re-edit)

because you must not miss them either and 'on a roll man' kind of fits my posting streak tonight, here are two more recent malente re-edits for machines don't care and hostage:

machines don't care - on a roll man (malente re-edit)
hostage - blockhead (malente re-edit)

and in related old news, if you haven't heard the boy 8-bit ep on mad decent yet, go check it out as it's one of the must-haves this year. here is the follow-up track to the ep's 'suspense is killing me' that was on the blogs to promote that ep and as so often, i just slept on it:

boy 8-bit - ghost house (suspense is killing me part ii)

now head over to berlin battery to find out that malente is not just a great dj and producer but also does much better write-ups than me. and afterwards, please come back because you love me anyway! yeah?


Anonymous said...

boy 8 bit rules club traxx

Anonymous said...

Whats so funny about this re-edits??? It looks just like the originals :(


aleks said...

haha. i think you need to get your ears checked.

Feesh said...

could you please upload lars moston's whow in malente remix?

Feesh said...

oh, and malente's hyperactive, original one.

aleks said...

feesh: no i can not. buy it.

max bromeo said...

Malente is a special man and a great dj.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Malente tear up the dancefloor at a 3 day outdoor festival outside of Edmonton, Canada...

Definate sickness here.