Thursday, July 24, 2008

felix cartal.

it's about time we provide you with some new material of discodust favorite felix cartal again. he recently finished remixes for u-god (of wu-tang clan, you ignorants), mstrkrft and julien-k and is about to release 'montreal dreams' and 'drugs' on itunes, so you kids finally have a chance to get ahold of 'montreal dreams' which might be the best track felix cartal has delivered so far and is still as banging as on the first day i heard it.

besides that, he hooked us up with an unreleased tune that has been kind of a secret weapon until now, as it has not been uploaded to felix cartal's myspace player and thus does not circulate as a low-quality rip on one of those desperate blogs now but indeed gets his official premiere here on discodust tonight. and damn, if anyone ever said 'bangers are over', this will prove you wrong.

"l'amour" is hard to the bone and features breakdowns that will make you hold your breath - just as you've come to expect from felix cartal. and somehow it reminds me of vitalic and that whole time back then when distortion was still considered a good thing by nearly everyone while nowadays everyone seems to be a critic and acts like they know it all. but long story short, this kills everything that gets in it's way and i fucking love it - l'amour:

felix cartal - l'amour

and just in case you haven't heard it yet, here is the high quality version of felix cartal's remix for 'venganza' by lazaro casanova, a bit on the lighter side (as opposed to "l'amour") but definitely perfect for peak time as well.

lazaro casanova - venganza (felix cartal remix)
buy 'venganza' on itunes

keep watching out for an ep of all new material from felix cartal out before the end of the year and while you're impatiently waiting with me, show him some myspace love.


Anonymous said...

pure raw energy

Anonymous said...

i've had this for months
got if off of waffles

aleks said...


ShariAndVari said...

niiice!!! yes this does remind me of vitallic (even though he is the mastero) lol. I want to see this guy live, there will be some serious dancing going on. Good choice aleks. and lets eat some waffles.

Anonymous said...

really f**ing cool!

more like this please:)

Anonymous said...

super killer!!

Stephen said...

If there's not a Nightmare on Elm Street sample in there somewhere, I must be going crazy.