Thursday, July 24, 2008


yeah, it's discodust favorites day today! after felix cartal here are some brandnew tracks by hostage who is making a lot of progress recently, getting airplay with his track 'mash up the speaker' (we posted it a few weeks ago) from annie mac on 'the mash up' and zane lowe. about time he is blowing up!

first up in this post is hostage's most recent track 'hoot', one of the best tracks he has ever done according to - me! 'hoot' combines the best of the golden rave times - rave signals, stabs, broken beats and a great piano breakdown part with the best of today - heavy bass and punching drums! this is the way to go, i wish more people out there would include some old school references but maybe the youngsters just never heard about kicks like a mule and the entire kniteforce catalogue. here's your chance to learn what rave is all about, enjoy another discodust first:

hostage - hoot

just a week or two older than 'hoot' is 'sorry' which is driven by breakbeats and a real nasty bassline and once again it makes me wonder why the industry is still letting hostage release so many tracks straight to the blogs, as this is nothing but pure energy. enjoy it in full 320 kbps for the first time:

hostage - sorry

make hostage your friend on myspace and help him blow up even more. and knowing him as the production addict he is, you should come back here to find more from hostage real soon!


Larvi said...

Yeah yeah more Hostage!! :D

Anonymous said...

the remix is not good!

Anonymous said...

Hostage is the new rave master

Anonymous said...

Played Hoot at an "aftershow" rave at the Loveparade and it was BAANGING!!!

Anonymous said...

NEVER fails in impress with this progressive UK style! yYE BRAP!