Thursday, July 03, 2008

fukkk offf.

a lot has happened in fukkk offf's career since we first posted about him back then. his two singles have been released on coco machete and skjöldmusic and he has done tons of official remixes for the likes of maral salmassi, monosurround and sidechains.

his new ep 'rave is king' featuring three all killer and all new original tracks is out now on coco machete and available on beatport. he provided us with a special (shortened) discodust edit of the title track, the banging electro-house party anthem 'rave is king'. check it out right here and pay attention to the vocals:

fukkk offf - rave is king (discodust edit)

and as you want to hear more anyway, here is the fukkk offf remix of 'cocked, locked, ready to rock' by monosurround:

monosurround - cocked, locked, ready to rock (fukkk offf remix)

now if you still can't get enough (and i am pretty sure you can not) here is a new mix from the man himself, completely consisting of his own productions and remixes - pure quality:

fukkk offf - fukkk offf mixxx 2

so once again, head over to beatport and buy the 'rave is king' ep or watch out for the vinyl dropping on july 15th. then go and show fukkk offf and coco machete some myspace love!


aleks said...

01. Monosurround - Cocked Locked (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
03. Lars Moston - What Now (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
04. FUKKK OFFF - The Bottom
05. DJ DAN - Seduction (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
06. FUKKK OFFF - Black Phantom
07. Sidechains - Turn Your Body On (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
08. FUKKK OFFF - I'm A Freak
09. The Shoes - Knock Out (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
10. FUKKK OFFF - Rock Paper Scissors
11. The Dance Inc. - The Boy Who (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
12. Maral Salmassi - Fire Gem (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
13. FUKKK OFFF - Bloodfuck
14. D Secret SVC - Tight Jeans (FUKKK OFFF Remix)
15. Suicide Club - Sous Acides Club (FUKKK OFFF Remix)

aozora said...

thx for posting fukkk offf is sexxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

looove this guy

Spectrum said...

rave is king, indeed :o

Dominik Hofmann said...

This mix is so good.

Anonymous said...

what a great energy
fukkk offf break me down !!!

Anonymous said...

any chance for re-hosting the mix? i wasnt online this summer. cheers

Anonymous said...

helo, anyone out there?

Anonymous said...

yes, but you´re too late son.