Thursday, July 03, 2008


buffet libre strike again: their new project 'rewind' is all about 80s cover versions and remixes. for the first edition of 'rewind', they managed to get a stunning total of 57 contributions, a lot of them exclusively done for the project. among the participating artists are a couple of quite established acts like dragonette, south central and electric soft parade as well as a lot of discodust favorites such as frankmusik, keenhouse, cryptonites, overthrill or trash yourself.

out of all the contributions, i decided to post three of my favorites: first of all, the awesome sidechains remix of my favorite madonna track ever: 'into the groove'. then a beautiful moulinex (pictured above) cover version of disco classic 'come on closer' by pineapples and also really well done, joe & will ask? covering 'the things that dreams are made of' by the human league. enjoy all of them at 320 kbps right here:

madonna - into the groove (sidechains remix)
moulinex - come on closer
joe & will ask? - the things that dreams are made of

and i recommend you to head over to buffet libre to get the full thing, as most of the tracks turned out quite well! great job, guys, much love!


Anonymous said...

hey you missed xinobi!

Spectrum said... it roger!

aleks said...

brian savage: hey wait until tomorrow!

tuftsmania said...

i posted the xinobi track yesterday on my site... it is MONAAYYY

Jeff Ramos said...

holy shit this is amazing stuff.
and these mix sets on there are killing my brain too.
fucking cheers!

aozora said...

i don't know if i like that moulinex cover.. i was so excited. :/

aleks said...

tantricextrum: you should like it.

Anonymous said...


we are moving to a new server because old served crashed.

you can enter Rewind here:

very thanks!


billy white said...

I'm loving the Pineapples original SO MUCH MORE!!