Friday, July 11, 2008

goon & koyote.

what do two white guys from paris know about booty bass? apparently enough to make fans out of everyone that's heard their 'diamond grillz' mixtapes. goon & koyote just dropped their new ep 'wellness is wild' which is full of ass-shakin, p*ssy poppin bass beats.

while france is no stranger to rap, these guys are mixing it up a bit by bringing a ghettotech/detroit/miami bass sound more closely associated with guys like dj funk and dj assault. listening to these two tracks has brought me back to an entire world of songs over 130 bpm that i often neglect and forget how much i love.

this one seems like it deserves to be played right before cajmere's 'percolator'.

goon & koyote - pussy out

this mix was worked by uk club dress 2 sweat resident, dikulous. damn, makes me want to go hop on the soul train...

goon & koyote - wellness is wild (dikulous' zulu remix)

bonus: and in the spirit of makin that booty pop, here's an old school house track thanks to corporate bloggin'.

traxmen & eric martin - ride me baby (eric erky jerky mix)

and if you want to waste a few days of your life listening to some amazing music, watching some c-c-c-razy dance moves and learning some fashion tips... check here!

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aozora said...

I've seen that cd cover before! I lolled! Can't wait to check this out.