Wednesday, July 02, 2008

melee beats.

i've had melee beats on the radar since ages and loved his music ever since i first heard his track 'distraction' over at home taping (unfortunately this great blog has not been updated for a long time now) and recently just that track has been getting airplay on kissy sell out's radio show.

as i noticed no one really ever blogged about him although he has even got a good review over at pitchfork and the tracks still sound fresh, i decided to finally bring them up here! although being only 23 years old, nic bertino aka melee beats has already produced four full lengths with songs ranging from french house to r&b. he just released his first commercial album 'the limited', a collection of the best songs from his previous releases and is going to celebrate the release on july 10th at ruby skye in san francisco.

my two favorite melee beats tracks 'distraction' and 'girlhype' are both very smooth french house tunes with a bit melancholic yet driving vibe and catchy vocals by nic himself. both tracks must not remain unheard and should go really well earlier in your sets, so enjoy them in high quality right here:

melee beats - distraction
melee beats - girlhype

show melee beats some myspace love and watch out for more from him!


Anonymous said...

I'm hearing Revoultion 909 all over again.

Well done, my friend. I'm continually amaed at your ability to find these people...


Anonymous said...

Soooo good!