Wednesday, July 02, 2008

thunderheist + jokers of the scene.

ever since i first heard 'suenos dulces' by toronto based duo thunderheist, i have been a huge fan as they easily outshined all the 'boy & girl' bands emerging at that time and i was always sure they would get huge one day. so i have tried to get ahold of something unreleased or good to blog from them for quite a while but it never worked out.

thunderheist are dropping their 'jerk it' ep on july 11th, along with remixes by nacho lovers, jokers of the scene, megasoid as well as nasty nav and jfk - the latter probably in return for featuring isis from thunderheist on the recent mstrkrft single 'bounce'.

and i guess it is about time to give up hopes for anything exclusive now, as the ever so good hianta over at fluokids just posted the jokers of the scene remix and damn, that track has a lot in store for us: besides sampling techno classic 'pullover' by speedy j it also provides us (the people who are too cool to listen to deadmau5, if i may remind you) with some gated trance pads and matching filter sweeps. in other words: jots be killing it:

thunderheist - jerk it (jokers of the scene remix)

and just so you know how my whole thunderheist obsession started, here is 'suenos dulces' which i already recommended to dozens of personal friends since and everyone loved it. sweet dreams are made of this:

thunderheist - suenos dulces

buy the ep when it drops and show thunderheist all your myspace love!

UPDATE: grahm from thunderheist heard me whine and provided some more top notch material for posting - the all new remastered final version of 'jerk it' as well as a remix of their track 'bubblegum' by wax romeo, enjoy!

thunderheist - jerk it

thunderheist - bubblegum (wax romeo mix)

UPDATE 2: the always fresh discobelle have got the nacho lovers remix up, go check it out!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Suenos dulces!!

Anonymous said...

Jokers are at the top of the heap, that's fo damn sure

heccubus said...

Thunderheist are located in Toronto.

aleks said...

heccubus: yeah, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

actually heccubus is right. :)

the montreal thing is cause i am from montreal but am currently living in toronto. yes, im in denial.

aleks said...

oh well.

heccubus: i just heard from a very reliable source that you're right! fixed!

Anonymous said...

thunderheist rules!

Anonymous said...

JOTS remix - wow.

Anonymous said...

toronto sucks tho, i understand why you keep saying montreal grahm

Anonymous said...

hi jo,

do we know each other?

admittedly toronto has a bad reputation but i have to say it does have its good points. and whenever i go home, and mention that i live in toronto, i actually get the snobby attitude that i used to give to torontonians.

pros: the food selection is amazing, it gets alot of tours that dont bother going and you can make alot more money. ok ok ok i know everyone knows these things.

that being said, i dont think i could have lived in montreal and ever finished the thunderheist album. theres just too many opportunities to get fucked up and party all the time. yes i said it...montreals' gift/curse is its laissez-faire joie de vivre lifestyle. every time i go back, i usually want to die from smoking/poutine/drinking for 3 days straight. i love it!!! wait what is my point again?

Anonymous said...

That chicken video for jerk it is sick.

Anonymous said...

both THunderheist & JOTS are leading the way in Canadas amazing music scene. Cant wait to hear the full EP!!!

Big ups G!


Anonymous said...

we <3 deadmau5

Anonymous said...

Toronto is what you make of it. We make it hot.

Iggy Smalls said...

this one time, g. zilla asked me where i bought my hat.

for reals though.

max bromeo said...

Isis and Grahm are experts at having a nice time with friends.

Jeff Ramos said...

this wax romeo remix is super!