Saturday, August 09, 2008

ac slater.

oh i'm super excited to get to post up the latest from ac slater. i've been a huge fan ever since he slipped me his remix of mathhead x passions' 'turn the music up'. this time he dropped some heavy-ass bass on a track by b. rich which sampled everyone's favorite lyric from last year "every day i'm hustlin'" and is his first stab at makin a dubstep track. and while he could have easily kept that bassline wobbling through the entire song, he broke it down to give your hearts a chance to catch up.

it's coming out on a new hope records with additional remixes by l7k and 2 bit thugs.

b. rich - everyday hustle (ac slater remix)

ac also has some buzz surrounding his 'jack got jacked' vinyl/digital ep coming out on palms out. and if you know anything about house music, you know that 'in the beginning there was jack'

and don't forget about the smackdown ac did of this lismore track. everything sounds better with bass, right?

lismore - more (ac slater remix)

and this udachi remix makes me want to play mortal kombat.

ac slater - party like us (udachi remix)

you can get the mp3s of his bass-tastic track 'bassline time' here at juno and here at trackitdown. or if you're one of those vinyl purists you can snatch it here at juno or here at chemical records. (oh c'mon we cant give you everything for free..just go listen).


aleks said...

we are bringing you america's best upcoming producer and no one comments. wtf!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad AC went dubstep on that remix! ;)

cjbxz said...

the ac is easily my favorite as of right now.

i can not get enough. this post gave me my fix.


Boody said...

whoop whoop!

Anonymous said...

Gut gut gut_!

Anonymous said...


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that photograph looks familiar. hmmm. ;]

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