Friday, August 08, 2008

diskokaine + christopher just.

he is from vienna, he is berlin's darling and his name is wrong in any possible way: diskokaine. wolfram aka marflow is 25 years old and already teamed up with artists like sally shapiro and the folks from gomma, the world famous german label of munk.

although diskokaine himself is not too fond of his productions, he is definitely one of those rising stars, somewhere between barcelona and berlin, propagating the wasted austrian youth, while hanging out with the most beautiful women as berlin battery points out.

today we've got the vocal and christopher just version of his mini-hit 'riminini'. enjoy it and go buy the single, when it comes out in early october. supply props go out to pitchfork and berlin battery.

diskokaine - riminini (vocal mix)
diskokaine - riminini (christopher just remix)

more about wolfram aka diskokaine and his sins can be found on his myspace. show him some wasted web2.0 loving, darlings.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Alicia (I believe I heard it right =P )
I just listened to the new Blog Fresh Radio's podcast which features Disco Dust.
Just want to say that your blog is really cool! Congratulations.
I'm brazilian and I loved seen that you guys liked The Twelves. I read you post about it and enjoyed very much.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to peep this dude's lo-fi I the only one that remembers BBS's???

Anonymous said...'s the link... (go figure)

aleks said...

cunei4m: no, i remember them too. very well even :). but his site looks more like 'bildschirmtext' / 'videotext', eh?

Ludwig II. said...

Vienna loves marfloW!

Anonymous said...

привет! спасибо, отличный блог.