Friday, August 29, 2008


never to be confused with ladyhawke, even if google search suggests otherwise, discodust fave adeyhawke releases 'to me,' another notch in the head poppin', fantasy throbbing set. dublin-based, adeyhawke (aka ciaran) first produced an ambient album under a different label but, enticed and influenced by the haunting analogue sound of valerie collection links, found his niche in the electro scene.

like the soundtrack to an 80's sci-fi - think d.a.r.y.l. - adeyhawke teleports you into a dimension of space where aliens sport members only jackets and the moon has a neon tint. 'to me' subtly samples vocals from 'into the groove' by madonna but veers far from a mashup; it's more like a revival and so synthy it should be a crime. however few and far between his releases, have patience, brilliance is synonymous with a waiting list. this track proves you can dance for inspiration.

adeyhawke - to me

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This song would be so good without the IMMENSE compression!

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this one gets so into the groove