Friday, August 29, 2008

los electricos.

[picture: 'electricity' by damien gosset] some call it nu hammer, others call it dreamwave, the original re-inventors call it future disco. i am not satisfied with any of those terms, so i'll probably have to stick to 'dreamy 80s disco-flavoured new wave' forever. anyway, all of those apply to los electricos from brooklyn.

their songs feature (bass) guitars, vintage synthesizers and lots of melancholy and as i am already slightly drunk, i can't say anything more elaborated but the pure truth: they are wonderful.

while preparing this write-up, i kept listening to 'interstellar romance' by los electricos and it's so damn catchy that it could really need a singer. and then i imagined that it probably has a singer and he is just at a loss for words. (sounds like a great concept for a live show, no? well, if anyone pulls this off soon, you know who invented it.)

anyway, here are two tunes from their ep 'waiting to be dead' that are just waiting for you to play them on your headphones everywhere you go:

los electricos - interstellar romance
los electricos - fang

you can pick up the whole ep over at palms out sounds, posted by my future ex-husband joee irwin. what you can't get over there is a track from los electricos' upcoming next ep 'come with me or stay here and die'. listen and learn (the silent singer will be off stage by the time they play this out).

los electricos - at home in exile

so hurry up and become a los electricos myspace friend before everyone else does!


Joee Irwin said...

love you, boo!

Anonymous said...

another valerie collective'll grow tired of this after about 3 listens, it sounds like an 80s freestyle producer that just stopped trying.

aleks said...

another clueless anonymous dude. stfu. kthxbye!

Anonymous said...

sounds like something u make when u find out your mac has garage band! and im not clueless i love valerie, the instrumentation is poor, the choice an adaptation of sounds is bad and sounds rushed, like they settled for the first preset they heard on what sounds like "reason" to me, and other than that the songs just dont go anywhere!!! its ok guys!!! im sure all of u will get bent outa shape, but its alright. it will make "los electros" try that much harder to create and make music..

Anonymous said...

"interstellar romance" sound like a fuckin rip off of "she's leaving" by "OMD"

aleks said...

eno: how is the instrumentation poor? how is the instrumentation that different to what e.g. college does?

some of the drums aren't that good but then you know this is supposed to sound like early synthesizer stuff, right?

and besides that they have got enough things in their songs that don't sound like valerie to me at all.

and as you are mentioning reason, you know that a shitload of people is using reason, like foamo making his basslines in reason and such? 'clueless', man. definitely.

whatever. i am not bored of it after 3 listens and that's pretty much the only thing i can rely on. (besides getting hater comments, no matter what we put up for you.)

Anonymous said...

Oh come on....its fuckin boring and u know it!!! who are u to call anyone clueless? obviously we all got some fuckin clue cause u will swallow any heaping mound of grade B bullshit. I enjoy alot of the tracks put up here butt now Im thinking your one clueless son of a bitch!! u must be friends with these guys to get all bent up about it. Im not hating, there's a difference between jealousy and making fun of someone thats just retarded...all style and no substance! lets keep it goin baby

aleks said...

first of all: everyone knows discodust doesn't 'swallow any bullshit'. so do you.

i am not friends with them. and you're talking shit about good music and shit about reason when in fact a lot of professionals use it, that's why i am saying you're clueless, dude.

and yeah right, call me a 'son of a bitch', you anonymous internet disco thug. fuck you.

Anonymous said...

how about a disco hug?

aleks said...

you really know how to get me, eh? all right then! disco hug!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the tunes.Cheers discodust i wouldnt know where else to go for this disco love <3

sweeep said...

thanks for using my pic and mentionning my name.
BTW, nice blog, love the design !