Tuesday, August 19, 2008


just in case i haven't mentioned it before, foamo is my favorite 'newcomer' fidget producer. while i haven't been into fidget that much when i first learned about it because everything seemed much too detuned for me, i am kinda all about it these days and that kid is definitely to blame for that as his basslines are just fucking energetic and catchy. i know the blog does not really reflect my passion for fidget that much but that's mainly just because all the labels are holding on really tight to the tracks and whenever i hit someone up or have something in my mail, it's all samplers or really low-q tracks and i am just not up to post those most of the time.

anyway, foamo made some huge progress in the past and dropped a twelve-inch on wearhouse music containing his tracks 'everything cool' and 'rockerman' which are both among the top fidget tunes out there right now. and from what i can see on his myspace, he has been working closely with fellow rising star detboi and they've got a release lined up for hervé's label cheap thrills which is the leading label in fidget house.

as i've bitched about before, there is hardly a chance to get a permission to post one of foamo's tunes but instead he hooked me up with his most recent mix he did for rob da bank's show on radio 1 featuring a lot of the current floorfillers and even more unreleased heat, so don't miss:

foamo - radio 1 mix (for rob da bank)

tracklist after the jump. i promise i'll keep an eye on foamo while you show him some myspace love. and here's a shoutout to all unsigned fidget artists and all the established labels: send us more tracks!

machines don't care 'afrojacker' [machines don't care]
foamo 'everything cool [wearhouse music]
busy p 'to protect & entertain' (crookers remix) [ed banger]
treasure fingers 'cross the dancefloor' (acapella) [fools gold]
say wut - 'go pt2' [cd-r]
will bailey, foamo & ill phil 'numb wrist' [cd-r]
switch 'this is sick' (herve reshuffle) [cd-r]
lee mortimer 'putto' [dubsided]
detboi 'y'all want mo' (cheap thrills]
kidda 'under the sun' (herve remix) [skint]
lord skywave 'something' (andy george 'just for foamo' remix) [cd-r]
fake blood 'mars' [cheap thrills]
kid cudi 'day & night' (crookers remix) [fools gold]
detboi & foamo 'girls dem go' [cheap thrills]
detboi & foamo 'get low' [cheap thrills]
foamo 'rockerman' [wearhouse music]
troydon 'mad world' [cd-r]
trevor loveys 'insects' [tragic magic]
steve angello 'be' (dj sega remix) [cd-r]
rqm 'miss pacman' (oliver $ remix) [cd-r]
machines don't care 'soundboy massive' [machines don't care]
lee mortimer 'uve got 2 b' [dubsided]
primary 1 'hold me down' (foamo remix) [phantasy sound]
black lips 'mirror' (mumdance rework feat jammer) [cd-r]
evil nine 'they live' (trevor loveys remix) [cd-r]


pablo said...

nice to see some love for foamo! so excited about all the upandcoming uk producers at the moment.

Anonymous said...

why isn't this working any more?

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Yeah its a dead link!

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Can you please re-up the link? Thanks in advance!!!

aleks said...

too late!

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