Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lesser panda remixed.

on the lesser panda myspace page, you can read things like 'gloom-dance' or 'disco-fied new-wave pop' and find references to the cure, interpol, tones on tail and the rapture - all bands that i really love. while the cure are not even listed on the bands' influences, the singers' delivery really sounds a lot like robert smith on 'ghostdance' but to me that's nothing but great, as this is what i'd want the cure to sound like these days.

moreover, back to the lesser panda myspace: there you can hear two awesome tracks from their upcoming double single: 'ghostdance' and 'carousel'. but the goodness doesn't stop right there, either the pandas themselves or their label superdark also show excellent taste in remixers, getting two of uk's hottest, drums of death and heartbreak busy on great reworks.

both remixes are excellent, currently the heartbreak version of 'ghostdance' is my favorite but drums of death did great work on 'carousel' as well. get them both:

lesser panda - ghostdance (heartbreak remix)
lesser panda - carousel (drums of death remix)

don't sleep on lesser panda, heartbreak and drums of death, definitely three names to watch! much love to tony from slutty fringe for introducing me to the greatness of lesser panda.


Anonymous said...

the heartbrake rmx saved this track. without theire brilliant beats its very average.

aleks said...

it's "heartbreak", "their" and the original track is really good.