Monday, August 04, 2008

le castle vania + walter meego.

sorry for the more or less unexpected outage throughout the last week, we just were too busy preparing everything for the parties in munich and berlin, travelling and having good times, thanks to everyone who partied with us! currently i am still enjoying a few days off in berlin and now i'll try and catch up on all the tracks i already wanted to post last week or even before. let's hope this stolen wi-fi connection won't go down all of a sudden.

we're starting off with the latest from le castle vania who did a great remix for 'through a keyhole' by walter meego and as nearly everyone else recently, he included some pretty heavy bass sounds in this remix while keeping his trademark style and is thus probably providing kind of a blueprint of what 'indie dance bangers' are meant to sound like from now on. anyway, philosophy and music theory are for other blogs, fuck the talk and enjoy the music:

walter meego - through a keyhole (le castle vania remix)

in related 'american bangers' news, here is a remix designer drugs did for philly-based rapper messinian, for some reason this slipped by when it first came in a few weeks ago. heavy bass, fidget-ish shuffled grooves, breakbeats and trancehall synths indicate that designer drugs are moving on to another sound too. well done!

messinian - throw it away (designer drugs remix)

show le castle vania and designer drugs some myspace love and stay tuned, next post is coming up right after the cigarette break.


Anonymous said...

Walter Meego = Alter Ego?

Anonymous said...

^^ right ! i noticed it a few days ago too lol

Anonymous said...

love this remix. le castle vania is so consistent with his remixes. how does he do it?

Anonymous said...

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