Monday, August 04, 2008

lil wayne remixed.

according to reliable sources (mainly himself) and record sales, lil wayne is currently 'the best rapper alive'. and regarding the success of his recent singles 'lollipop' and 'a milli' and his latest album 'tha carter iii' in both the clubs and the charts there's not a lot to argue about.

and as usually i was a bit late on falling in love with 'a milli' but ever since this chewy chocolate cookies dropped in my inbox, i am totally sold. driven by fucking heavy bass and a crawling groovy drum pattern clocking in at 75 bpm, it might come as quite a surprise that a track this slow is the perfect tune to make the crowd freak out at peaktime but that's exactly what happened last weekend. get moving:

lil wayne - a milli (chewy chocolate cookies remix)

for good measure, here is a synth-sweep-dripping rework of 'lollipop' by nasty ways from sf, that i picked up over at xlr8r. makin' it juicy for you:

lil wayne - lollipop (nasty ways remix)

go praise lil wayne, chewy chocolate cookies and nasty ways.


Anonymous said...

sick stuff...

Anonymous said...

that Nasty Ways remix is the shit
I haven't heard a solid remix that good since Van She remixed 1234

kcoll said...

Aside from most of the Ratatat rap remixes, this is probably the best remix of a rap song ever!

Anonymous said...

Boreta from The Glitch Mob remixed Lollipop. He's dope! The Glitch mob is awesome! Check em out!