Wednesday, August 20, 2008


malente never disappoints. actually, he never stops to impress me. here is his latest remix for a band named 'foals' who are obviously signed to a label with really bad taste when it comes to selecting remixes, as this did not make it onto the single release. way to go guys, turning down one of germany's hottest producers right now! so now it's all ours, enjoy the wild ride:

foals - electric ballroom (malente remix)

and as i am a big fan of malente's re-edits and i missed out on this one before, here is his edit of 'get money kids' by pase rock:

pase rock - get money kids (malente re-dub)

show malente some myspace love and foals some pity for not having this remix on their release!


gordon thomas said...


Gamel Abdel Nassar said...

oh these are great

Anonymous said...

the foals song is actually called Electric Bloom. might wanna change it up mang.

Rronan said...

@ Thomas Bangalter : + 1

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'll change it later.