Wednesday, August 20, 2008

steve moore.

we have previously praised the greatness of steve moore and the tracks he did for his lovelock project. but this is different. actually i am kind of at a loss for words when it comes to his remix of 'circuit' by david rubato.

i stole that track from those living legends over at 20 jazz funk greats and as i've already said there in a comment, i don't even know if it does this track justice to call it 'music' any more or if this just has to be called a 'masterpiece'. nearly beatless and with some of the most epic vintage synth action i've ever experienced, steve moore's take on 'circuit' leaves me all stunned. join in with me!

david rubato - circuit (steve moore remix)

along with a stellar version by aeroplane, this remix is dropping on institubes some time soon or is probably already out - i wouldn't know as they are never sending me promotional material any more. pout!


kcoll said...

Holy christ I'm in full agreement, amazing amazing remix!

Anonymous said...

wow.....find that in 320kp i will be forever in your debt discodust ! <3

Anonymous said...

Not that good, not a dance track at all and very repetitive.

aleks said...

skizzle = clueless.

Taylor Morris said...

ya, since when did "not a dance track" mean "not that good?"

DJ TRYL said...

This vaguely reminds me of Danger's mixes (and if you don't know, it sounds like epic vintage videogame music)

I seriously want to play some Sonic to it.