Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the young punx remixed.

london-based collective the young punx are obviously on a releasing spree, as i had promotion material for two new releases of them in my inbox within just a few days. first up is an excellent remix by one of the most underrated producers from the uk, going by the name of phonat. actually one of the first discodust posts ever included a track by him but i'd better not talk about that as it was back then in our initial criminal days. anyway, ever since then i am wondering why he has not blown up big time yet - originating from the breaks scene, all his tracks are always bouncing heavily, are funky and feature a lot of my favorite things such as vocoders and retro disco sounds. his rework of 'fire' is just what the name implies, straight fire:

the young punx - fire (phonat remix)

the phonat track is part of an all new remix package for 'fire' by the young punx, you can check it out on beatport and spend all your money there if you like!

next up is a remix of the young punx' upcoming single 'mash it up', done by shir khan from the berlin battery camp but hell, as if he'd need an introduction anyway. as always, shir khan makes it tough to describe his sound and does what the track asks for - mashing it up with electro house style leads, rave signals, distorted e-guitar solos, baile funk drum rolls and a shuffled fidget groove - or in a less technical way: making it a fucking banger!

the young punx - mash it up (shir khan remix)

'mash it up' is said to be released on mofohifi in england and japan, i wasn't able to find a digital buy link for now but hey, i know my readers, when there is a way to buy a track i posted on here, you'll find it! keep an eye on the young punx, as their new album is hitting soon, we'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

"out there... just on the horizon..
a fresh wave of techno-rave"
Do we dare answer its call?!

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated to this post, but... I have been coming to this blog for a year now and LOVE the music! BIG THANKS!

Pelski said...

sweeeet. phonat remix kills & shir kahn's aint bad either.... nice one