Thursday, August 21, 2008

azzido da bass.

azzido da bass is one of germany's electronic music staples. he's been spinning since 1996, but really broke onto the music radar with his chart-topper 'dooms night' in 2000, which the crookers recently brought back with a remix.

not one to fade in the background, azzido has collaborated with the 'other' italian heavyhitters, bloody beetroots to do a mockup aptly named 'booms night'. i better not forget to mention remixes by switch, laidback luke, stanton warriors and speaker junk. how's that for a song revival?

here is his latest remix which turns weezer into a danceable track with a touch of distortion and chopped up rivers' vocals, as opposed to the usual quirky nerd pop.

weezer - troublemaker (azzido da bass dub)

and this track is a mashup of almost every dj's guilty pleasure. the crookers part hits hard, the salt n pepa makes everyone scream, and the azzido blend sounds like a machine getting warmed up to destroy the dancefloor.

crookers vs azzido da bass - dooms night (azzido da bass edit)


Chris said...

Dooms Night is an awesome track. Probably b/c it reminds me of the craziness of the afterhour parties back in the day when I had the energy to go to them.

It was a big hit here in Miami clubs.

aleks said...

yeah man. it's definitely an all time classic. all over the globe.

Leyline10k said...

Ok i'd just like to say there's something not right about this. I have the ursela 1000 edit of the same song and it sounds exactly the same. So who is faking the funk...Go ahead and look at the crookers push it ursela 1000 edit and see for yourself. EXACTLY the same.

Anonymous said...

nope, this is love to edit vd salt n pepa