Thursday, August 21, 2008

mission control.

anybody familiar with mission control? anyone? well they're one of the latest sounds to come out of melbourne. they are pretty daring with their fashion (see above. hey hipsterrunoff, go easy on them). they are yet another success story via myspace.

they ended up adding cassius, who liked their sound (think a new wave version of air slash interpol slash stone roses) so much that zdar decided to produce their upcoming lp. things snowballed from there as they got signed to the etcetc label (home to pnau, the knife, datarock and mylo) and are booked by modular in australia. ahh, the power of an email.

their innerspace ep is set to be released september 13th, and we've got the original song as well as a designer drugs remix to share with you.

mission control - innerspace
mission control - innerspace (designer drugs remix)


Anonymous said...

omgz its more remix heat!

Anonymous said...

Designer Drugz remix is off the chain, mad props goin out to the club banging producer on this track

Anonymous said...

DD continues to dish out the stormers!