Wednesday, August 06, 2008

nhan solo + daniel dexter.

nhan solo (pictured above) is the guy behind we are playtime, a new founded booking-label-party-artist-agency hailing from berlin. this collective recently released its first brainchild going by the name of 'bounce is back'. the song's name is borrowed from nhan's successful party series, something he's famous for in southern germany aka bavaria from where the vietnamese dj moved to germany's capital city.

residing in berlin he started organizing playtime, an event somewhere between hip-hop and electro. famedropping would include mr. flash, mocky or chris de luca just to name a few. however, the bed was ready. so now as nhan started working closely with daniel dexter, one part of the acidkids, who's been in the blogs lately, you'll get some well served mash up of nhan's musical influences. mark my words. the two of them did a couple of gigs with maral salmassi in the past few months too. if you're a discodust regular, you might know we're fans.

anyway, today we'll bring you one ludicrously good remix by malente, also one hot discodust fav, that was featured on the first we.are.playtime single. as a bonus you'll get daniel dexter's latest remix for danish indie rockers the fashion and a remix they did together for lars moston. enjoy the freakin' noise!

nhan solo & daniel dexter - bounce is back (malente remix)
the fashion - like knives (daniel dexter remix)
lars moston - jack it (daniel dexter & nhan solo remix)

in related daniel dexter news, check out this medley of 'hyperactive' by him and malente, digitally out now on shir khan's label exploited, coming with remixes from bobmo, riva starr and bird peterson.

malente & dex - hyperactive (medley)

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