Wednesday, August 06, 2008

purple crush.

brooklyn-based duo purple crush finally dropped their "mega-ep" 'blog party' and it turned out really good. my favorite track is the eighties influenced chiptune-electropop love song 'marry me' that i had on repeat for a few hours when isla first hooked us privileged grindin people up with it. now it's your turn to fall in love:

purple crush - marry me

closer to the trademark purple crush sound is 'get digital', which will most likely get the most attention from bloggers and djs out there, featuring leif from the palms out camp on the mic. get digital:

purple crush featuring leif - get digital

if you haven't heard of leif before, also check out his slamming summerjam 'black magic':

leif - black magic

if you like what you hear, i strongly encourage you to buy the 'blog party' ep on or alternatively buy the 'blog party' ep on itunes. and in case you're dead broke (as if), at least show purple crush some myspace love!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell... check this:

a total rip-off by your beloved Purple Crush.

Anonymous said...