Thursday, August 07, 2008

p e a c e fire.

"fear and loathing in these angles
i tripped on cancer for
a scorpion's dying wish
golden papers littered the stained-glass kitchen floor
while low frequencies of qur'an insulated our eyes
from the fluorescent crystal sunset

flooding the middle eye
a swollen blue light
suddenly fractured by echoes
rippling through wallpaper and window blinds
mt. australia and pink, felt-tip mysteries in iran
only fear and loathing in these angels."

p e a c e fire - baghdad rainbow
p e a c e fire - into the freedom

music, calligraphy and lyrics by p e a c e fire. (and these tracks feature some of the best synth work and epic melodies i have heard in ages. i think i am in love.)


Professor Groove said...


Anonymous said...

It was Since "Love Juice" that i haven't heard such epic melodies like this. Baghdad Rainbow is priceless. These guys definitely deserves an album

Anonymous said...

hahaha...thats how you create your nonplusultra good kind of taste you pathetic looser

aleks said...

anonymous: just because i delete your comments saying nothing but 'boooooooooring'?

schade, dass blogger keine ips tracked und cookies verteilt, sonst wüsste ich wenigstens welcher vollidiot hier immer rumnervt :(.

'nonplusultra' + 'looser' = eindeutige hinweise auf hässliche deutsche :(.

No-ëllk said...

love. ohhhh so love.

Anonymous said...

this guy seriously made me cry-absolutely awesome-really
(and word to aleks' comment:)