Friday, September 05, 2008

mansion + mstrkrft.

mansion are a new and upcoming production team from toronto. they scored an official remix for 'bounce' by mstrkrft and while i thought the track was quite played out and i couldn't hear it any more, mansion took it to a whole new level by adding some classic house flavour to it, complete with piano chords, organs and a shuffled pumping groove. play it loud!

mstrkrft - bounce (mansion remix)

and as that track has been on a few blogs already and had me longing for more, i hit mansion up and they sent me two original tunes as well which you definitely have to check out as well. both are heavier than the 'bounce' remix and are somewhere in between electro house, fidget and rave and will definitely get the crowd going!

mansion - break back
mansion - stab

i expect big things to come from these guys and hope they'll keep in touch. now go and show mansion some discodust-flavoured myspace love!


Anonymous said...

WOW these guys are amazing. thx!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Nom-nom!

Iggy Smalls said...
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Iggy Smalls said...

Tdot talents are killing it lately!

ps. aleks, blogroll fo' five dolla'?

Anonymous said...

mansion is killing it!!! The more and more they release the more their sound is shaped. There new track Gasaida ft. SYA has been on repeat since i got it. I LOVE THESE TWO!!

Anonymous said...

Holy fucking shit, stab just made my ears bleed*.

* That's pleasure bleeding, for those that failed to hear the intonation I put into that sentence