Thursday, September 04, 2008

college + anoraak.

[artwork by the zonders] college from our beloved valerie collective finally has a record out now. free danger released 'teenage color' as a split 7-inch with 'cool feeling' by fellow valerie members the outrunners on the flipside.

in order to celebrate this, college hooked us up with a few new tracks - two remixes by maethelvin and stephen falken from the outrunners as well as a live version of his track 'the light of your dress' featuring anoraak on the bass. enjoy!

college - the light of your dress (live)
college - teenage color (maethelvin remix)
college - the scarlett empress (stephen falken remix)

anoraak has some exciting news too. endless summer recordings is releasing his ep 'nightdrive with you' on september 10th and it is already available from rough trade. besides that, he keeps on putting out new material and hooked us up with this brandnew remix for the asphalt duchess signed band sh** browne. awesome as always!

sh** browne - dmd (anoraak sunset mix)

watch out for more anoraak, college and valerie. like the college album 'secret diary' that will be out in mid november!


Erotto said...

once again college comes through. this guy is awesome. love the scarlett empress.

Nico said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

The stephen falken remix of Scarlett Empress is stunning,it remind me a lot some Vangelis works.

Rabbi von Sydow said...

Yes, Scarlett Empress is teh soft bomb!

snob said...

heavy hitters

snob said...

heavy hitters

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is stephen falken's work the best of valerie?
even better than his main project.
he's gotta get more stuff out there!