Tuesday, September 02, 2008


now small is something that reminds me of german teenage rock i used to hear like 5-8 years ago. i guess it's the voices or the simplified pop lyrics. but who knows, maybe i've just been experiencing too much teenage scum last weekend, i really can't tell.

on the other hand they have this australian approach towards cheesy stadium electro rock, which i really fancy. it makes me wanna see a million fists with sweat bands and all kind of skinny humans with high ideals. andreas asingh, rune kielsgaard and jacob funch could be the next big thing hailing from denmark, where pop music is still meant to pop music. but with a modern touch as van she, midnight juggernauts, cut copy and such.

small - comic girl
small - sunshine lover

just give these two tracks a try, get desperate and show the three scandinavians some fuzzy myspace loving. (for the record: bigstereo and ohh! crapp... were first!)


Anonymous said...

I really like the fact that they get so much attention from around the blogosphere. Sunshine Lover is such a great track

Anonymous said...

nice tracks !
I ilke it !

Anonymous said...

You're really my best favourite blog.
I've found a lot of really beautifull tracks here...
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Nice dig disco!
Great Find, Great Track, 'Nuff said. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds just like M83.

Unknown said...

OH CHRIST DiscoD this is the LAST STRAW!!!


For the love of GOD this is brilliant. And WAY too much for me to cope with in my current fragile state. I'm barring this song from all my playlists and DJ sets and I will NOT be visiting this blog for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

fuck, someone beat me to saying that it sounded like m83, but it does sound like it

Anonymous said...

wow fantastic! theyre stuck on repeat! great summer tracks!!