Monday, September 01, 2008

lorenz rhode.

this ain't no brick house. following suit, german based producer lorenz rhode strikes up some electro house infused with funk. remixing for the likes of eric prydz and tom jones, lorenz rhode could easily seem vegas cheese, but thats hardly the case.

the chick 2000 'love tonight' remix spreads it's wings embracing basslines to die for and signaling the skies for computer inspired sounds, which only adds the utmost depth to the album. french house sound, german boy, diplomats anyone?

keep a look out for more but in the meantime check out the synthesized funk styling of lorenz rhode:

chick 2000 - love tonight (lorenz rhode remix)

check our previous post on lorenz rhode for more greatness and love goes out to ohh! crapp... for having this one up first!


Anonymous said...

simply brilliant

Paulinho said...

love it

Anonymous said...

3:00 mark reminds me of this song i heard like 2 years ago.. Takes me back! Best song i have heard for a while.... one word ---> repeat

Anonymous said...

oh yeah - the good stuff. gimme mo'!