Tuesday, September 16, 2008


it's not too early to post about mansion again is it? nevermind the fact that ever since aleks posted them last week i've got these two on repeat on my ipod, in my car, i've been sending their tracks to everyone i know and pretty much spreading the gospel of mansion. i think they've struck a chord with me because they're taking the current hard/banger sound and polishing it up with house-y pianos and strings. and boy, do they clean up well.

this track is a little more mellow than the last three tracks, but i see it as more of an homage to house music with the vocal sample of the notorious eddie amador track 'house music'.

we're still waiting to get our little paws on mansion's next track 'gasaida', but you can listen to it now on their myspace.

mansion - 99 sudbury

pianos + claps + a good bassline + chopped up vocal sample = <3!

mansion - of montreal

also, i threw a huge chunk of mansion tracks on this weeks discodust radio show on thehype.fm which airs today at 8pm and 12am EST.


Vincent said...

oh 99 Sudbury, how i miss thee.

Spencer Dee said...

word. me too.

99 sudury was an afterhours in toronto. pure boozecan with some great djs that passed through. i caught the likes of steve bug, ron trent and too many others i was too drunk to remember.

Anonymous said...

the pose on the photo is the most pathetic i've ever seen... See how they're pulling the shirt (?)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey where can i find the track 'gasaida' by mansion?