Sunday, October 19, 2008

harvard bass.

harvard bass didn't go to harvard. you can actually find him at various taco shops or tucked away in his bedroom studio in the south part of san diego. he's been crankin' away ('choppin onions' as some mexicans would say) workin' on tracks. heavily influenced by old chicago and filter house, he has been coming up with some jams!

he sent over 'caked' which is his latest finished product. it's got the bass, the synthed-out filters, the choppy vocal sample - throw in a hot doug's hot dog and you'd have a chicago certified export.

harvard bass - caked

a while ago he also completed this amazing edit of rotterdam's rejected. lots of pianos, lots of chords, and he added even more chords to the mix to make it even more delicious.

rejected - let's go juno (harvard bass more chords edit)

expect to hear alot more from this guy very soon. he's got more tracks in the pipeline and maybe even a few labels are starting to sniff around...


John Pavlick said...

Haven't listened to 'Harvard Bass - Caked' yet but 'Rejected - Let's Go Juno (Harvard Bass More Chords Remix)' is frkn' awesome. If electro and minimal did some baby-making, this would be their love child.


Nicholas Mercer said...

What's wrong with the world?

aleks said...

nik: get well soon.

Anonymous said...

that rejected song sounds so similar to white knight two that it's eerie.

Disco Dancers said...