Sunday, October 19, 2008

just a band.

discodust favorites just a band, the bordelaise electro duo consisting of tom deluxx and stella definitely knows how to name their releases. when they first introduced themselves through their ep 'we are', we got quite a nice impression on what these up-and-comers are able to produce.

and i can't say calling their second ep 'burn it out' is exaggerated or anything -the freshness and energy here is so uplifting that the heavy rotation this is resulting in might indeed burn out my decks very soon. it also kinda makes me feel that it is what i've been missing these days. thanks for letting me notice by the way! so taste the little medley they mixed for you while it's hot and head over to beatport and grab that ep!

just a band - burn it out ep medley

but of course we have got some more for you. just a band kindly provided us with two of their hot and most recent remixes as well!

cicada - falling rockets (just a band remix)
alex gopher - belmondo (just a band remix)

and last but not least at all, a brand new remix by tom deluxx for dilemn.

dilemn - cosmica (tom deluxx remix)

if you like what you hear we strongly recommend showing just a band, tom deluxx, stella and also homework records your myspace love. they will show it back to you by keeping you very up to date about new stuff through regular bulletins!


Vladimir said...

the belmondo remix is phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING !!!!!!!

Cameron said...

holy crap yes, I was waiting for this !!!

27club said...

fuck me! this is insane!!!!!!

Ricky Freshhh said...


Ricky Freshhh said...
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Ricky Freshhh said...


Vlad said...

spasibo Discodust