Sunday, October 19, 2008

windsurf + moscow + woolfy + more.

this is going to be some kind of rocketing device for all of you balearic, laid back disco lovers. this post pays respect to all the little gems that are floating around this big fishernet, that's supposed to be on some bearded dj's skin, while he's pushing a crowd of ecstatic or somewhat drugged berlin-mitte geezers. anyhow, here we go.

first track is some two-dimensional slowfox presented by the loveley swedish people of pallers, which were called sarah and jenny before, a name that suits these soft guys as lush colours and arms without muscles come to mind, when you're listening to 'humdrum'. androgynity galore. it's a brilliant track.

pallers - humdrum

the second track is powerful nydisco-esque slowfox - nydisco as in lcd soundsystem - that has shown up on ohh! crapp... the other day, a blog that is killing it lately! much love. anyhow, the track, a remix of foals track 'olympic airways' by moscow, is more dfa than james murphy will ever be, which feeds the thought that you are dealing with james murphy here. seriously, i'm clueless.

foals - olympic airways (moscow remix)

woolfy versus projections is best described as dreamy slowfox. it's like 'going all the right places' and 'doing all the right things'. that's basically it, elysian goodness. thanks to 20jazzfunkgreats.

woolfy vs projections - nevee

windsurf are sorcerer and hatchback teaming up for some san francisco slowfox. they like the weather in their city and are deep into that cosmic kinda stuff. at least that's what i found out. besides, their music is something to fall for. prins thomas did obviously as he signed them on internasjonal and an album is coming real soon. and as it's his right, he's got the last word here too. some sweet and lovely edit of james yuill's track 'sweet love'.

windsurf - pocket check
james yuill - this sweet love (prins thomas sneaky edit)

more to love can be found and shown on the websites of pallers, moscow, woolfy vs. projections, windsurf and prins thomas.


John Top of the World said...

great post! check out Hatchback as well, perfect jams.

Anonymous said...

wow amazing post all great tracks! my type of sounds!

Herr Schmitz said...


Digital My Ass said...

check digital my ass for more info about woolfy vs. projections--->

Jean said...

Windsurf... Mmm. These are good; new generation of cosmic musicians :D. Thanks for all.

PS : Just a band to follow...

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