Thursday, December 18, 2008

darling farah.

in the recent past, dubai has become known for a place of wealth and entrepreneurialism. and as far as i know, it's not really showcased any large volume of innovative music, until darling farah. now don't shoot me for posting more techno music, but i couldn't resist. one-trick pony blogs make me a bit worn anyway.

anyways, back to darling farah, he seems to be making quite a stir in music land. he's secured himself a spot on the idiot house roster and has a new ep dropping on beatport.

this first track is dark and wobbly. i'm a sucker for a british vocals so maybe that's why i like it so much.

darling farah - watching

the second one is the perfect example of a techno song that moves. you can hear layers of sound being added one by one until the melody kicks in and carries it into the next shift. and while there are alot of different types of sounds that may normally be distracting, the beat never lets you go.

darling farah - hair down

don't forget to snag the rest of his tracks over at the b to the e to the atport!


Rolling Thunder said...

Also don't miss the truly awesome mix Darling Farah made for us over here:


Kylie said...

Stenchwart (M.A.N) is an oldskool dubai based monstrosity.
Fortunately not everyone in Dubai listens to progressive house/brutal death metal