Thursday, December 18, 2008

tonka + malente.

you already know that malente (pictured above) is one of my favorite german dj's and producers. but you probably don't know that tonka is one of my all time favorite german producers as well. when i started buying vinyl as a kid, i always loved his releases on force inc., one of the most cutting edge labels back then, and i also loved his tracks that stepped out a bit too far into handbag house territory, like 'security' or 'she knows you'. as opposed to random filter-house trash producers, tonka always managed to deliver a certain coolness and as i am drunk and always tend to be a bit over the top anyway, you might as well see him as kind of a german armand van helden.

this year, tonka dropped the anthem 'orca', a fidget house-influenced techno track on 'munich discotech volume 1' (which i discovered first of all people on grindin, just so you know!) on great stuff and also put out an all new ep named 'drop box ep' on germany's traditional imprint alphabet city.

and as great minds think alike, malente decided to give 'website' off the latest tonka release a re-edit and what can i say, as always he manages to make the tune even better. damn, these guys! but listen for yourself!

tonka - website (malente re-edit)

keep updated on both malente and tonka or you are seriously missing out on germany's finest! big ups to berlin battery once more!


Louis Louis said...

did you see my post on malente a week ago? big things a'happenin! such a talented producer/dj..

Anonymous said...

tonka is such a genius!
security and she knows you are both house classics!
i didn't know he'd change name, i remember him as DJ tonka. if you haven't heard his remix to ian pooley's heaven.. u'd better do it!
have fun!

Anonymous said...

and armand van helden is the michael jordan of the house music game acc'd to his myspace, so malente is then the german michael jordan? ain't that dirk nowitzki hehe