Thursday, December 18, 2008

heartsrevolution + chateau marmont.

heartsrevolution are back again, this time on french boutique label kitsune with their single 'ultraviolence'. when i first heard the remix package (with ace reworks by streetlife djs, spankrock and vitalic!!!) this one by chateau marmont was def one of my favorites. so i was a bit ecstatic when kitsune was kind enough to let us post it. they kept it as synthy as the original but added a bit more 'zing' to it. lo's vocals almost make me think about crystal castles, but i like the direction theyre heading. and whatever direction that may be, i hope they bring their heartschallenger ice cream truck!!!

heartsrevolution - ultraviolence (chateau marmont remix)


Anonymous said...

discodust used to be amazing in how much it posted new awesome new music.... what happened????? sighs.

Miss Toats said...

ok so what do you want more of? chateau marmont are pretty new....throw out some examples of what you liked so much in the past..

we're listening!

Anonymous said...

I think anon meant that there was more music posted, rather than newer music posted, like the frequency of posts has dropped.

Maybe that's how you interpreted it too toats, sorry if you did ;p

Anonymous said...

crystal castles & Heartsrevolution, sound exactly the same sometimes. some chick yelling, cool syths all the heartsr. r missing is a pitch of 8bit. do you guys know if they will be becoming out with a dub version?

Anonymous said...

i dont know if they will come out with dub..
but it is pretty og that they have a a rapper on board.
spank rock remix is sick!!
i dont see cc stepping out of the box?