Thursday, December 04, 2008

wildlife! + terry lynn.

wildlife! from switzerland is regarded as one of the producers of the moment by a lot of tastemakers around right now and just today he hooked us up with two fresh wildlife! mixes which both immediately made it into my list of favorite mixes of 2008.

while the 'wildlife! mix' sums up one of the freshest 'trends' in music 2008 by giving us 60 minutes of dancehall-flavoured electronic gems starting off with dubstep, moving on to tropical-electro-punk and ending up with digital dancehall and yardtek bangers, the 'wildlife! fundamentals' mix is a great compilation of wildlife!'s all time favourites, ranging from punk rock and reggae to rap and of course dancehall classics. it has been a long time since i was excited about mixes, so you better not miss this!

wildlife! - wildlife! mix (on sharebee) (view tracklist)
wildlife! - wildlife! fundamentals (on sharebee) (view tracklist)

and as if that wasn't great enough, wildlife! also sent over one of the tracks he produced for the amazing terry lynn album 'kingston logic 2.0' - check the album out here - released by phree music. this bomb of a track called 'streetlife' is worth getting the album alone, terry lynn and wildlife! are teaching everyone a lesson about freshness and taking it to the next level. play it loud!

terry lynn - streetlife (wildlife! mix)

show wildlife! some myspace love and don't sleep on terry lynn and phree music.

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84/85 said...

shit is actually bananas. thanks for making the strong comeback DD.