Monday, December 08, 2008


pegase is the new solo project by raphaël d'hervez, known to (hopefully) all of you as the voice of valerie's very own minitel rose. while keeping the valerie collective's lovely, dreamy and melancholic vibe, the first bunch of pegase songs sound a lot more energetic, driving and catchy - innocent pop music at it's best.

listen to the greatness of the demos for 'without reasons' and 'spellbound girl' and you'll agree that as soon as these tracks get a proper mastering, they'll go straight from bedroom pop to stadium rockers.

pegase - without reasons (demo)
pegase - spellbound girl (demo)

i doubt i really have to tell regular discodust readers that they'll have to check out the valerie blog regularly and i am sure i won't have to ask you to show pegase some love on myspace as well.


Saint Malo said...

This guy has had a lot of reviews recently, not so worth it in my opinion :)

5OC said...

Disagree Saint Malo. I reckon these are pretty tidy sounds coming from Pegase, especially 'Without Reasons'.

Of course, I've been a fan of Valarie artists for a while. But this is some of the best stuff I've heard since the start of the year.

Anonymous said...

Someone to keep an eye on.

Anonymous said...

Without Reasons is one of my favourite songs! Pegase is amazing, all the songs I've heard from him so far are great!!