Saturday, January 31, 2009


i have been waiting and waiting to be able to post about classixx. thus far, their songs have been held under the control of muscal legalese, but these few managed to slip through the white knuckle clutches of the majors. tapping into the whole kitsune sound, they reworked former riot in belgium member, beni, into a new single already favorited by djs like dj am, royal rumble, boom bip, steve aoki and beni himself.

beni - my love sees you (classixx remix)

next up is the boys' take on the latest track by fellow 'no culture' members, guns n bombs. gone are the helicopter blade buildups and in come the guitars, claps and the cosmic funk feel that is slowly forming into classixx signature sound.

guns n bombs - riddle of steel (classixx version)

as for what you may see in the future, there will new single coming out in the spring called "i'll get you" featuring jeppe of junior senior, as well as a few possible releases on a very familiar label.

here's a video of the guys in action at the weekly wednesday no culture party @ the echo in los angeles.


Anonymous said...

the beni remix is deep and beautiful

B-rad said...

This is great blog, but unfortunately it is falling behind.

Anonymous said...

b rad

Anonymous said...

whats the name of the first song in the video?

Anonymous said...

that would be Simian mobile disco = Hotdog (cosmo vitelli remix)

Anonymous said...

whats's the name of the scond song in the vie?
that bit with "do you like bass" in it???

thx for your help

Unknown said...

I love the Beni tune.
Gorgeously smooth, quite retro.

Anonymous said...

I expect big things from Classixx after hearing these.