Monday, February 02, 2009

sound pellegrino.

sound pellegrino's sonic identity is a paradox. it was birthed in the grey areas of music by teki latex and dj orgasmic, both of ttc fame. both found themselves consuming music too minimal for 'bangin electro' connoisseurs, too bangin' for minimal djs. the aim of this label is to purely release singles that fall through those genre cracks. perhaps viewed as the baby brother of institubes, sound pellegrino is out to form its own.... er, sound. the first two releases of zombie disco squad and douster totally embody the state of mind of embracing music that is creative and groovy, minimalistic but not too serious.

since they can't share champagne with all of you to commemorate the launching of the label, teki and dj orgasmic compiled some tracks to give you a hint of what their baby is going to sound like.

teki latex and orgasmic - sound pellegrino minimineral mix

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Miss Toats said...

sound pellegrino tracklisting:

Zombie Disco Squad: Eurovision (Mowgli remix + original) - Sound Pellegrino
Lucky Charmes & Kid Kaio: Plain dots - Samsobeats
Harvard Bass: Caked - Sound Pellegrino
DJ Cleo: Mind ckuf - Will of steel
Douster: For weirdos only - Sound Pellegrino
Zombie Disco Squad: Esperanto - Sound Pellegrino
Curses! feat. Maggie Horn: The deep end (Bart b more dub + remix) - Institubes
Orgasmic feat. Tekitek : Sixpack Anthem (Harvard Bass remix) - Institubes
Jesper Dahlback : Mega Signalizer - Turbo