Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the golden filter + russ chimes.

after recently remixing cut copy and empire of the sun, discodust darlings the golden filter have finally released their catchy disco stormer 'solid gold' on dummy, available as free download, high-quality downloads from beatport and limited edition 7-inch with exclusive b-side 'favourite things'. even if you already know the original tune and feel it's played out by now (which is nearly impossible), there is a stellar remix by russ chimes on the release and of course, he did the impossible and made the original even better with his trademark style!

the golden filter - solid gold (russ chimes remix) via

i had this remix since end of october and it is still the best disco-flavoured dance track around. while the blogs and myspace are crowded by french house wannabes and valerie copycats these days, russ motherfuckin' chimes stands out and shows the kids how it's done. buy this release. he and the golden filter deserve all the support they can get!

and to the armies of clones mentioned above: go and find your own new sound, you are boring us to death. all of us.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should diss on french house wannabees and valerie copycats since this blog loves hosting them pretty often.

Track is amazing for sure, Russ Chimes can do no wrong.

Ps: why would you turn off comments? if you hate your readers that much and considering this blog is ad-free why keep doing it?

aleks said...

discodust hosts valerie copycats? show me. where?

and if you didn't get it yet, this blog is not about comments and making money.

i am not hating my readers. where are you getting all that from, girl? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey aleks.

Alright Im aware my comment might have come off as with a negative connotation. I want you to know I actually like the valerie copycats and the french house wannabees,they provide me with a fix while waiting for the real thing so I have nothing against it. Idk if you were being cynical, but you should have a searchbar if you really want me to show you because I'm way too lazy to browse page per page. Anyways I know you know you and the rest of the dd contributors post valerie copycats from time to time and as I said I dont find it wrong. I really love what you do here, I just found it a tad ironical you would diss on these sort of blogs as I find Discodust to be one of the pioneer blogs on the scene.

Concerning the hate on your readers and the comment thing, well, lets just say that via the comments is how readers show you how much they appreciate (or not) what you're posting and putting a barrier between readers and writer is imho a fucked up thing to do. I know you decided on this to stop all the anonymous comments and trolls but hey, you're noone until you start receiving hatemail. You must understand that all kind of criticism and discussion is healthy for a blog, even when its a dumb hateful comment that doesn't really add to the discussion.

aleks said...

julia: definitely getting your point regarding 'the barrier' and that discussion is always good for a blog. it's not healthy for the artists written about and not for me either if i have to wade through tons of random hater comments all the time. kills the fun for me. i'd rather hear nothing then.

and that might seem weird or whatever to you but that's just me and my strange ways how i like to deal with problems some time. comments enabled again for now, without moderation. let's see what happens.

and regarding the wannabes and copycats: of course we are posting tracks that are close to the valerie sound or the original french house sound but all of those are good. and there are tons of guys who are a lot worse and don't really seem to get it. even worse: they are getting blog attention too. that's what i was aiming at. i don't care for guys who jump on the bandwagon or are heavily influenced. as long as what they're doing is good or just works in the club (or at home even).

just wanted to express my disrespect towards blogs and so-called 'producers' who don't seem to know shit about 'quality control'.

besides that, would you mind hitting me up by mail? i need to ask you something as well!

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily see the copy-cats as ripping off, more in the sense of "inspiration" and "thanks for showing us the way".. Then we might aswell say that Valerie is copy-cats themselves for copy/pasting from old poster and illustrations from the 80's. But hey, I know what you're getting at here, but to qualify under the retro-futuristic label you have to be on Valerie?! Think not.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much lost all my respect for you guys I must say. Callin artists out there copy-cats and saying their music is crap. And they are out there doing what they love.
Haha, and Valerie wasn't even first, it's so funny.

Really, don't know what snapped in your brain when you're sitting here hating and throwing crap at people.

Nice work.

aleks said...

tobias: i am not really worried about you respecting me. yet i will respond to the garbage you left in the comments:

i didn't call out anyone in particular, so i am not sure what you mean.

and basically i am just doing the same as you and tons of others have been doing in the comments here a lot: stating my opinion. and common knowledge (most of the guys commenting here) are saying that's perfectly fine!

so if i do it, it's wrong and if the average reader does it (hating on particular tracks even), it's cool? i wonder who needs a brain check here, dude.

and it doesn't matter if valerie was first or who you think was earlier. there's no doubt that the whole valerie clique is responsible for this particular nuance of retro-disco/80s slightly melancholic sound coming back by delivering a lot of high quality music along with matching artworks, mainly by the zonders.

and just look in peoples top friends lists on myspace: whoever is going in that direction of sound has got valerie on their lists way up high. they are the most-respected in this 'scene'.

the real insult on this post and comments is you saying "Haha, and Valerie wasn't even first, it's so funny". are you even listening to the music i post and you copy from me afterwards, dude? college, anoraak, minitel rose, russ chimes - all of them delivered something fucking original and new by the time they stepped on the scene. so now you're acting like they are copying anyone. i never really took you serious but now i am sure you don't know shit.

and besides that: like i said, i didn't call anyone out, so if anyone besides you and me even reads my write-ups, it's up to everyone to think about the music they make and if it's seriously the sound they want to make or if it's just running after valerie, losing breath.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about copying at all. There is no such thing in my world, DOOD. Music evolves, after one sound comes a similar, and after that a new sound is born. That's what's so wonderful about music.

Valerie really brought this scene life, I agree with you. I didn't say they didn't. I was commenting on your copycat trash talk.

"are you even listening to the music i post and you copy from me afterwards, dude? "

I don't understand that sentence , somewhat broken english there. But If you meant my hair looks nice today. then, thanks :D

Anonymous said...

I really love this remix! thanks for posting! :D

aleks said...

tobias: yeah i am aware of the fact that you don't know what copying means. otherwise you'd know that your blog looks like a cheap ripoff of discodust, in every possible way.

and let me clarify the sentence you did not get: "are you even listening to the music that i post and that you copy from me afterwards, dude?"

and i don't think it's good style to tell a non-native speaker about his bad english but maybe you just don't get that. maybe when you're coming to germany one day, i can show you what 'broken' really means.

Anonymous said...

"and let me clarify the sentence you did not get: "are you even listening to the music that i post and that you copy from me afterwards, dude?"

and i don't think it's good style to tell a non-native speaker about his bad english but maybe you just don't get that. maybe when you're coming to germany one day, i can show you what 'broken' really means."

Whoa, you really have issues. Go see a shrink or something. I'm not a native english speaker myself. I'm fucking swedish. Live in sweden.

And I didn't know you got so high thoughts about yourself your calling my blog a ripoff of yours. You didn't even design this one did you? The ZOnders did it? I did mine from fucking scratch and I didn't have the dd design in mind at all, since it isn't that attractive at all.

You really have issues alex, really. So fucking childish.

Anonymous said...

It's better to get his page designed by someone who has the skill instead of doin it on your own and it just looks shitty! And yours do, tobias!

Aleks is totally right with his arguments, because the first thing i thought, when i opened up your blog is: oh wow that looks like discodust in a totally disgusted look. Now stop trashtalking and enjoy your life. Its just retarded to spend so much time on hating.

just another anonymous DD reader.

aleks said...

tobias: yeah, the zonders did the whole discodust design. but does it matter who did it?

and for your information: i already went to see a shrink but for some odd reason it didn't make idiots like you go away.

Anonymous said...

Idiots like me come and go. But idiots like you will always exist.

Did the shrink help you convince yourself that your dick isn't really that small?

Threatening someone over the internet in the comment section of a music blog really shows how classy you are and how small your dick is.


aleks said...

tobias: what's with all the talk about dicks, are you obsessed with them? and i don't know what kind of doctors you are seeing/what they did to you or which diseases you are carrying around with you but usually they don't inspect your extremities. anyway, not really a tasty subject.

as opposed to threatening bullshit-talking haters on the internet, which seems like mad fun to me, especially if it finally makes you stfu.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

i must say i absolutely LOVE the original, and as i do LOVE all the russ chimes stuff out there, it's no surprise that this remix f****n' rocks!! one of his best recent remixes. bring it on...