Wednesday, February 18, 2009

justin faust + russ chimes.

after we first posted about him back in september, bavarian french house magician justin faust has received tons of blog love and pretty much went through the roof. so he did what every smart (and handsome!) man would do and finished an ep which is up for sale at beatport now. in order to make you greedy kids want to pay for it, we're fueling the fire with 'the capri spinoff' from the ep alongside a shiny and brandnew russ chimes remix of the title track 'revenge'. beware braxe, falke and lifelike, these guys are out to get you!

justin faust - the capri spinoff
justin faust - revenge (russ chimes remix)

head over to disco workout for some more justin faust goodness. and fucking yes, some people are just that great, i need to post about them twice a day! (i could also have said: some bloggers are so lazy and don't give a fuck these days, so they are missing a few things happening on other blogs and don't even seem to get what their friends are doing!)

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Lafrench Toast said...

thsts the fucking energy we need...pure french synth...ou yeah