Monday, February 23, 2009

n.a.s.a. remixed.

david byrne, m.i.a, santigold, lovefoxxx, amanda blank, spank rock, sizzla, chuck d, seu jorge, z-trip are all among the guests of the recently released n.a.s.a. (north america south america album 'the spirit of apollo' get remixed by villains, database and the count of monte cristal. all thanks to the work of n.a.s.a. (north america south america).

those remixes have been up elsewhere already (and we hinted at the 'money' one a while ago too) but i just didn't want anyone to miss out as lots of the heavier tunes these days are not even worth the time listening to them but all of these are very enjoyable and will definitely work on the floor.

n.a.s.a. - whatchadoin' (villains remix)
n.a.s.a. - a volta (database remix)
n.a.s.a. - money (the count of monte cristal 'dungeon' remix)

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