Friday, February 20, 2009

curses! + holy ghost!

while i have been living under a rock recently and spent most of the time getting drunk and watching slasher movies and torture porn, there was one track that has been anticipated so much by my fellow grindin bloggers, that even i had no chance to miss it: the holy ghost! remix of 'the deep end' by curses! also known as drop the lime. although it doesn't get an official release until march, institubes obviously decided to throw it over to the blogs, making a huge step forward towards taking the lead in the competition for the most forward thinking and exciting french label of the year!

'the deep end' is turned into an epic eight minutes disco odyssey that keeps you wishing that it never ends. golden tickets to holy ghost! and big ups to luca, i really enjoyed meeting you in frankfurt - this will be your year, man!

curses! - the deep end (holy ghost! remix)

i picked this up over at the daily download and they also provided one of my favorite disco tracks from last year, the aeroplane remix of 'circuit' by david rubato - i wanted to post this since ages but didn't even dare to ask for permission for this masterpiece back then. if you haven't heard this yet, make sure to check this out too and experience another demonstration of institubes' pure excellence.

david rubato - circuit (aeroplane remix)

in related news, head over to our friend ryan at electric zoo for a new zombie disco squad track released on the institubes sublabel sound pellegrino. (we previously warned you they were coming!)


Anonymous said...

was it just me that noticed that bit of aerodynamic guitar part in the curses remix? probbly sampled by daft punk aswell


Anonymous said...

loving the curses!/holy ghost track. amazing scenes x

Anonymous said...

holy ghost dont sample, they play all that shit.

Anonymous said...

Великолепный трек