Monday, April 27, 2009

eli escobar.

i wonder how long it will take until people will finally recognize the greatness of eli escobar, passionate club dj and producer from new york. i always digged his productions but his rework of 'should let you go' released by our friends from top billin that we posted last summer totally blew me away.

while a lot of people out there claim to be 'disco', they'll never get as close as eli escobar with his carefully crafted 80s disco boogie sound. his stellar remix of the stevie nicks classic 'stand back' just proves this again. pick up the vinyl over at turntable lab.

stevie nicks - stand back (eli escobar disco mix)

and for further proof of eli escobar's awesomeness, here is his remix for 'i feel alive' by 33hz, released by fluokids' very own redhotcar on his label fool house.

33hz - sentinel of love (eli escobar remix)

show eli escobar some love on myspace and check out his blog outside broadcast. shouts to the always amazing discobelle for putting up the 'stand back' remix.


young dude said...

lovely stuff

Miss Toats said...

wait till you hear his caged baby and lenka remixes.....go plant music!!

J Dub said...

loving his remix of 33hz!! I didn't love the vocals at first but they're growing on me.

Kinda reminds me of a circa 1986/7 madonna extended remix with a splash more funk / disco.... genius!