Saturday, April 25, 2009

sparkle motion.

after their incredible 'flight school' (available here)mix, sparkle motion (dj yoda and tobes from spine magazine) are back with another marvelous mixtape named 'new jack city vol. 1'. while 'flight school' was all about 80s r&b breaks, their new mix is "taking things forward a few years to the days of hi-top fades, parachute pants and doing 'the running man'. think bobby brown cruising for chicks in a 1989 testarossa, and mike tyson riding shotgun with a white baby tiger on his lap".

sparkle motion compile almost an hour of classic new jack material with unobtrusive yet refreshing mixing, featuring tracks from genre leaders who disappeared years ago and had their greatest success around the early 90s, like boyz ii men, mantronix, bell biv devoe or another bad creation as well as tracks by living music legends like ll cool j, diana ross and janet jackson.

'new jack city vol. 1' is a precious document of a long forgotten era in music, an entertaining bite-sized lesson in music history served as a dope summer cruising soundtrack. absolutely recommended for both all the youngsters and old schoolers out there, if we had a 'mix of the month' section, this would be it, same as 'flight school vol. 1', sparkle motion take the crown for the second time in a row!

sparkle motion - new jack city vol. 1 mixtape (on sharebee)

sparkle motion are still operating under the radar without a dedicated myspace or website, so we'll just have to stay tuned for their next wholetrain rolling out of the yard for us all to admire.

and i need to add that i'd be excited to hear some of your thoughts regarding the relevance of the 'new jack era' in today's music. seems like there's not a lot left of the vibe, signature crooning and breakbeats around in popular music these days. i'd be ready for a comeback, what about you?


01. tony toni tone - it feels good
02. boyz ii men - motownphilly
03. ll cool j - strictly business
04. big daddy kane - i get the job done
05. johnny gill - rub you the right way
06. mantronix - don't go messin' with my heart
07. janet jackson - alright
08. bell biv devoe - poison
09. another bad creation - iesha
10. joey b ellis & tynetta hare - go for it (heart & fire)
11. wrecks-n-effect - new jack swing
12. dino - i like it
13. salt-n-pepa - expression
14. monie love - full term love
15. christopher williams - one girl (club dub)
16. tyler collins - girls nite out
17. heavy d & the boyz - somebody for me
18. diana ross - workin' overtime
19. glenn medeiros & bobby brown - she ain't worth it
20. ll cool j - around the way girl
21. tara kemp - hold you tight
22. ll cool j - 6 minutes of pleasure


Anonymous said...

finally a tracklist!!!!!

Romeo B. said...

To the poster above me, I thought the same thing, LOL! Seems a little short for the size of the .mp3, but it's better than nothing at all as we got Flight School Vol. 1.

As for New Jack's relevancy today, it could partly be blamed for r&b and hip-hop music being too indistinguishable these days. However, at it's peak, it did bring about some of the best material from contemporaries who gave it go. So I'm 50/50 only because I don't know if the 'artists' of today could pull it off, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the originators.

Anonymous said...

prob with new jack is that everyone uses the same songs on their mixes.its a very limited genre, and i really thought its already been done 1-2 years ago, and im in dallas.

Anonymous said...

well if the cycles run every 20 years, new jack should be due very soon. glad to see dj's still puttin out new jack mixes. some of the best urban music to ever emerge came from the new jack era...

calhoun from bprc said...

we are still mixing new jack in our shows and in live

sam said...


by Marco said...

Had the same idea lately, so here's another mix, some similarities, some other stuff:

01. Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity
02. SWV – Right here (Teddy Riley Remix)
03. Eternal – Stay (S&P Jervier Mix)
04. New Edition – If it isn’t love
05. Tony Terry – She’s fly
06. BlackStreet – U Blow my mind
07. Soul II Soul – Keep on movin (Teddy Riley Remix)
08. Black Girl – 90s Girl (Teddy Riley Mix)
09. Wreckx’n’Effect – Rump Shaker
10. Guy – Do me right
11. LL Cool J – Around the way girl (Untouchables Remix)
12. Blackstreet – Baby be mine
13. Teddy Riley feat. Tammy Lucas – Is it good to you
14. Al B. Sure – If I’m not your lover
15. Guy – Teddys Jam
16. Keith Sweat – I want her
17. Mint Condition – Are you free
18. Michael Jackson – Remember the Time
19. Jane Childs – I don’t wanna fall in love (Teddy Riley Mix)
20. Guy – I wanna get with you
21. Bell Biv Devoe – Poison (S&P Jervier Remix)
22. Janet Jackson – Alright
23. Johnny Gill – Rub you the right way
24. Guy – Let’s stay together
25. R. Kelly – She’s got that Vibe
26. Heavy D. & The Boys – We got our own thing
27. Tony! Toni! Toné! – Feels good
28. Heavy D. & The Boys – Now that we found love

Anonymous said...

that 20 year cycle is about due, i actually wanted to do some party rap remixes to alot of these songs, and this just solidified it for me.
and it is a perfect summer time mix.. i threw some oakleys/Larry Johnson hornets jersey on the other day and drove around feeling like it was 91'

Bisti said...

flight school would be really great if yoda hadn't scratched so much like a lunatic...what really killed the pleasure of listening to that one. hope this one is far better

Debt Free said...

Long live the NJS movement, no doubt the music is baaack.