Saturday, April 25, 2009

joe and will ask?

consistency is crucial nowadays when making music. joe and will ask? have been one of the few consistent groups to crank out solid work while simultaneously honing in on and refining their own sound. already gearing up for the release of their second ep, the two brits have already garnered the respect and regular play from some major dj's in the scene. each time i go back to their myspace, there are more videos and more press coverage and more hype. this track was specially concocted for their fabric dj set on the first of may. if you're in london, you definitely don't want to miss them.

joe and will ask? - yellowstone

the guys channel simian mobile disco on this one. and i only say that with the implication that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. it's bouncy and filled with dramatic crescendos that ends the way it begins - with simplistic perfection.

joe and will ask? - merrygo

here's another one from the ep. and while we can't indulge you with the entire thing for free you can go to beatport and pick up the rest!

joe and will ask? - shim

furthermore, the boys teamed up with british newcomers jupiters heroes and, true to form, build up the pressure almost to the point of exploding. oh the suspense!

jupiters heroes - melvin never made it (joe and will ask? remix)


Carlos said...

Wow, i really liked all the songs, consistent style, just like you said!

Anonymous said...

joe and will play tonight at One Party State as part of the camden crawl 25/04/09 london

Harrison said...

these guys exude so much Allien. i can dig it; can't wait for LP