Tuesday, May 26, 2009


guess who's back? more than two years ago, when discodust was just getting started, knightlife from melbourne was one of our first 'huge' discoveries as far as then unsigned producers go and we ended up getting ahold of two of his tracks, 'ambobop' and 'all systems'. the post was not even up for a week or so and he got signed straight away by cut copy for a release on their very own label cutters records which featured the same two tracks we put up here.

the 'i' ep was followed by international tours with his new labelmates and remixes for majors players such as alex gopher, midnight juggernauts, bag raiders and of course cut copy, knightlife quickly established a reputation as one of the premium producers in the whole upcoming scene surrounding italo-french flavoured disco and house.

recently it has been a bit quiet around knightlife but the perfectionist he is, he obviously could not let go until his tracks reached a level of everlasting excellence. now the time has come, cutters just announced the release of his second ep, going by the name of (guess what?) 'ii'. three tracks strong, with two new originals and a carefully crafted remix of his well-known floorfiller 'all systems', the knight once again demonstrates that past and future can co-exist, resulting in timeless beauty.

we have got a radio edit of the long-awaited disco diamond 'crusader' straight from the ep right here for you and you should definitely check out the 'knightlife ii trailer' video as well, edited by the man himself.

knightlife - crusader (radio edit)
knightlife - knightlife ii trailer (on vimeo)

beatport has the full release, so get moving already and be one of the first to have this classic ready to go in your dj sets. support knightlife and cutters, buy the 'ii' release now.


digitalfoxglove said...

i like. (:

Too Many Sebastians said...

1 comment? Knightlife is fucking win.
The EP is great, nearly 2 years I've been waiting to here a audible copy of "Crusader" and it was well worth the wait.

The only downer is that All Systems is remixed into a supermarket Jingle by one of the Riot In Belgium boys.

I really wish he was a bit more prolific, but I guess some things are worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

welcome back knightlife!

Anonymous said...

ambobop was cool, but his new stuff is boring as hell, riding that same ol' disco wave that every one else is. cool logo though.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You have no idea. He said he'd never do that grindy boring sound that was Ambobop because it was so easy and required 0% skill.

Discotirso is a masterpiece though. Classic French House. Doesn't sound like anyone else atm. Haven't heard anything this good for years and years.

Anonymous said...

anon makes a point. discotirso is like old school cryda/roule french house on newdiscowave crack. <333

Anonymous said...

Wait, you waited 2 years for Crusader?
That's what I did. I Loved the "crusader (demo)" back in the days, when it was still on his myspace.... too bad this version is completetly different and ... I have to say it... sucks.
Even my fav. part is gone, it started like 0:54 to 1:06 but became very smooth not like this popmusic stuff. The song is NOT bad, but I really dislike it compared to the demo version.
Reminds me of Xinobi who send me his BMX back in the days. His new version is a little bit worse than the version I got. Well, at least Knightlife is back.
Also Ambobop was not grindy boring. It was/is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me summer 2007? Track was a returning favorite every late night at my place.

I did prefer the old bassline though! That rolling pattern that just felt right.

Petition to get the demo version with that sweet bassline!!!

Good to see Knightlife back though.

Dan said...

crusader is not a bad song but is nothing special, as for discotirso..... whoever said that no one else at the moment has that sound....have you heard of louis laroche? and countless other generic 2000 french house immitators.