Thursday, May 14, 2009

nero + boy crisis.

nero are my absolute favorite dubstep producers, hands down. i have been heavily into drum & bass and neurofunk back in the days, especially the darker and harder tracks with technoid elements from the likes of ed rush & optical (who just released a great new album), stakka & skynet, cause 4 concern or concord dawn.

when dubstep first became popular and all the major media tried to make me think 'dubstep' is all along the lines of the sophisticated ambient trickery of burial, i quickly lost interest as it just did not seem fun at all to me. about half a year ago, i came across 'this way' by nero, was totally stunned right away and ever since i am watching dubstep really close, the majority of my junodownload purchases being heavy dubstep tracks.

now with caspa remixing deadmau5, nero remixing the streets and the huge success of skream's remix for la roux, the harder and more ravey dubstep sound is definitely one of the most interesting things going on these days (probably not if you are a hardcore dubplate culture person but i never quite 'got' that anyway).

with that in mind, it's no surprise that new york-based electro disco party-harders boy crisis (pictured above) got remixed by nero for the uk release of their new single 'dressed to digress'. starting with some trancehall chords, their remix soon leads into a heavy drop that brings pure destruction, inevitably leading to heavy headnodding and skanking mayhem all over the dancefloor. we've got the remix right here for you and i am so glad that i can finally feature nero on discodust, to quote the song lyrics: 'let me catch my b-b-b-b-breath'.

boy crisis - dressed to digress (nero remix)

watch out for more heat from nero and hold out for the 'dressed to digress' single, dropping on b-unique records on june 8th, keep up to date with all things boy crisis on their new website.


Your Only Friend said...

Nero's a favorite of mine. Sooo dope. Thanks for the track.

c said...

Holy Shit!

luke said...

man, just got around to listening to this. so awesome. nero is out of control at the moment.