Thursday, May 14, 2009

yeah yeah yeahs remixed.

our favorite asian (don't worry them jeans, i didn't say tallest) dim mak resident dj, dan oh, is back with another heavy remix. this time, he became so consumed in his love for the new yeah yeah yeahs album that he couldn't resist making a bootleg when he stumbled across the parts for 'heads will roll'. he speeds it up and grimes it up. whoever thought that the yeah yeah yeahs could be part of a bassline set or segway into dubstep?

yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (dan oh remix)

keep your eye on dan oh as he's building up a pretty solid track record for himself.

weird tapes should already be known to all our readers and provide us with a more dreamier version of 'heads will roll', originally posted over on their blog.

yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (weird tapes remix)

the last remix comes from my favorite tallest dim mak resident, them jeans. he has progressed from doorman to resident dj to curator of the infamous 'dim mak tuesdays' and has now taken it a step further to producer ranks. staying in tune with the current trend of ethnic drums spreading through all genres like wildfire, he tastefully chose some lighter drums, crafted a bassline and added some acoustic flavour using the song 'soft shock'. yeah yeah yeah!

yeah yeah yeahs - soft shock (them jeans acoustic remix)

EDIT: this post was originally written by miss toats and mysteriously disappeared without any further notice, so i put it back up. it's just some club remixes, so chill out.

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DJ Yoshi Fuerte said...

Ahhh! I've been wanting remixes of "Heads Will Roll" since I bought the record. Cheers, DISCODUST!